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Meet the team behind the bar

We offer hand selected activities that are tailored to your enjoyment and modified to suit the change of seasons.

It is our mission to enhance your leisure time by offering unique activities and making them easily accessible everywhere at any time, while you remain fully flexible and do not need to worry about pre-planning anymore! We are looking forward to your feedback on our activities and ideas on new ones.

Feel free to speak to us, share with us and develop with us – the new way of real life connectivity and enjoyment.

Our beambar Community

We are adventurers, connoisseurs, athletes, fun-lovers and much more… In short, we know how to enjoy life!
Post a picture of you and your beambar activity tagging #beambarexperience for a chance to win a 20% discount* on your next purchase!
* winner’s will be announced on a weekly basis

Get in Touch

Have a collaboration in mind? We are always looking for partners to shape the activity landscape with us.
We would love to have a chat and to hear what you have in mind. Let us know.